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The Man

Michael Abraham was raised in the suburban marshlands of post-industrial Pittsburgh, PA. After several failed ventures involving WD-40, Bic lighters and plastic robots, he became interested in organizing chunks of sound on the electric guitar as a result of listening to rock music during his early morning paper route.  Later, his dad decided to play the kid some James Brown and Frank Zappa.  Good idea.  
During a summer landscaping gig, Abraham performed high-incline shrub maintenance and slope mowing while listening to Stravinsky.
Yet later, perched behind the books of Science, young Abraham was seduced by the forward-leaning jazz of Miles, Coltrane, Ornette and Mingus. Unsatisfied by completion of his Biology degree at Penn State University, and then treacherously sidelined in a world of dreary research jobs involving weight-lifting rats, our hero got wise and embraced the music world again, moving to California and leaving the rats behind.
Known for his ability to bridge diverse styles with a creative edge, Abraham keeps busy as a valuable session player in Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area.
His work includes performances, recording, and touring with 60’s rock-icon Donovan, the hit musicals ‘Wicked’ and ‘American Idiot’, Jack Douglas (producer for John Lennon, Blue Oyster Cult, Aerosmith), Grammy award-winner Mads Tolling (of Stanley Clark, Turtle Island String Quartet), Steve Huffsteter, Dayna Stephens, Insect Surfers, Mitch Marcus and combinations and derivations Thereof.





“Mike Abraham is probably one of the baddest guitarists I’ve ever seen in any style.”

“...with Michael Abraham’s sizzling, psycho jazz-rock guitar lines and a rhythm section that cruises, pummels and swings, it all equates to an exhilarating listen.”    


                                                                                                   --- All About Jazz

“He can have a Sco’ (John Scofield) kind of thing sometimes, or a Wes (Montgomery) thing, or a Kurt Rosenwinkel thing... he’s got this way of bringing these master guitar players on the ride through his soloing and playing.”


                                                                                                 ---- Dayna Stephens

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